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TDM Club 100 October Meeting

“The Cruces of Wealth and Money"

Money is not wealth and wealth is not money. Money is a medium, wealth is the destination. Money is a tool for wealth.

On the 26th of September, 2021, The Duah Mentoring (TDM) Club 100 meeting was held via zoom to discuss the topic "The Cruces of Wealth and Money". The 2-hour meeting which was split into an hour each for presentation and Q&A had Dr. Duah explaining the decisive and important issues regarding wealth and money.

According to Dr. Duah, it is imperative that one clearly distinguishes what these two terms are, to be able to manoeuvre in aspects such as career, entrepreneurship, leadership, and even personal life.

One of the key things Dr. Duah stressed on, was the fact that money flows more towards service and value rather than time and work. He also explained the forms of wealth and how one can inculcate more than one of the forms in their lives.

The next meeting which is scheduled for 31st October 2021 promises to be a masterclass as Dr. Duah will be speaking on the topic, “The Crux of Entrepreneurship For The 21st Century Youth”.

Attendance is exclusively open to members of TDM Club 100 with special invitations for non-members.

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