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Pitching your idea, writing the business plan

Updated: Jan 12, 2022

TDM Club 100 Monthly Meeting – January 9, 2022

Wooing in different cultures is as diverse as the number of cultures. The age-old tradition of wooing women is an integral part of pretty much any culture existent. This traditional concept of wooing a potential partner transcends romance and business relationships are definitely not left out.

Whereas people use poems and romantic lines, businesses use pitching slides and business plans inter alia. On Sunday, the 9th of January, 2022, during The Duah Mentoring (TDM) Club 100 mentorship session, Dr. Evans Duah expounded in great detail the ins and outs of developing a winning Pitch and Business plan.

Known for his circumspection and thoroughness, he used a detailed pitching template to explain the building blocks of a good pitch much to the excitement and eager participation of the mentees. As expected, an interest in the mentees was much aroused to consider developing their own pitches and business plans.

From a practical exposition of the problem statement (the premise for the business proposal), through the background of the problem to the solution statement (with a hypothesis statement on the gravity of the problem statement and the viability of the solution proposition) aimed at consolidating the relevance of the business proposal, he explained important technical and simple concepts in detail for winning business plans and pitching.

At the end of the session, Dr. Duah went through the key instruments of a business plan and promised to delve much deeper into them during the next session on January 30, 2022.

A worthy end note is that many of the mentees have already sketched and begun refining their pitching slides. Mentees on the TDM Club 100 platform have now been given access to personal ‘one-on-one’ mentorship sessions with Dr. Duah going forward.

There is a happy cause to look forward to some incredible startups in the near future!

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