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No shame in hustling or struggling for a living

Dear young one,

Work Hard, young man! Nothing is permanent. See the end through the process and stay smart holding on to your values in the journey.

There’s dignity in money well earned.

Don’t compromise your ways, please!

Then, there’s this million-dollar question, people will always ask: “What if my dignity does not earn me enough, or costs me to lose the little I have?”

The answer is, it is easy to get angry , when most people are being reckless and irresponsible. It’s easy to insult when insulted at; or denigrate when others disrespect you or what you stand for or believe in. The list is endless. But the theory is the same ... it’s easy when A is opposed, pressed, pushed, or B is against etc for A to act naturally in that same sense.

On the contrary, it’s quite difficult to resist the natural ease of getting angry when you are in the right; disrespecting someone when they are in the wrong, compromising your stands or getting corrupt for ill gains due to social pressure.

What do we achieve if not mastery over self and evil? What do we achieve if we cannot stand to true values of life that makes a man stand out amidst a very corruptible world?

Our dignity is our inherent value and worth as humans and no one or nothing should compromise that, not money, nor religion, nor race, nor tribe, nor politics, nor poverty, nor riches ... Nothing!!!

Let’s work hard, grow in dignity and be gracious in our deeds without compromise.


Dr. Evans Duah

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