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It is finally out! Book launched!

It was all joy when the much-anticipated release of the book, Intentional Wealth 2.0 - Building with the Pentagon Wealth Model by Dr. Evans Duah, ACMA, CGMA, CGIA, FCILG, MIoD was launched at the new auditorium of Akenten Appiah-Minka University of Skills Training and Entrepreneurial Development (AAMUSTED), erstwhile UEW-K, on Sunday, December 19, 2021. The well-attended launch event had in attendance persons from all walks of life such as chiefs, professors and other academics, pastors, business leaders, and persons from the corporate world – among others, from all over the country with some foreign friends.

From the opening of the programme by the minister from the Church of Pentecost, Kwadaso – PIWC, through the playing of traditional drums – the kete by Agya Koo Nimoh Group, poetry recitals by the famous Kwadwo Awortey, testimonials about the author’s person by the Deputy CISO, Allianz North America, interview by Dr. Samuel Tinagyei, Book reviews by an Officer from The Accra Regional Coordinating Council, cutting of tape by the Nana Kofi Owusu – Chief of Kodiekrom, auctioning the books, autographing, to the photography, the book launch was a resounding success.

During the interview, Dr. Duah shared the inspiration and motivation for writing the book. He intimated that he wrote the book as he began discovering answers to critical questions and challenges, he faced personally and observed in the lives of people he knew and watched – both far and near.

Wealth creation, wealth accumulation, wealth management, wealth protection, and wealth distribution, which form the blocks for the Pentagon Wealth Model, are financial issues every person faces in life at one point or the other. However, due to poor or lack of adequate and good knowledge on the subject, individuals and nations, in general, have continuously been on the verge of economic crises year on year.

There is, however, a paradigm shift as the interests and desires of many people to acquire knowledge and skills in the subject of wealth are rising. It is not surprising then, that many people are beginning to appreciate books like Dr. Duah’s Intentional Wealth 2.0 – Building with the Pentagon Wealth Model.

The book has been written to provide in-depth knowledge for people with or without a finance background to enable them to appreciate, design, and implement the principles of wealth creation, its accumulation, management, protection, and distribution to help better their lives.

The participation, contribution, and support from attendees during the programme gave a positive impression of how pleased they were to access a fountain of knowledge on wealth.

To all attendees and participants, readers and supporters, the Duah team extends heartfelt gratitude and wishes to admonish you that reading and applying the principles in Building with the Pentagon Wealth Model will not only add value to your life but will equip you with the knowledge required to create, manage, protect and transfer wealth regardless of your status as a self-employed person or an employee.

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