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Your level of appreciation influences the value of who/what you are/have

This is the reason why when people do not receive commensurate gratitude and appreciation, they feel less valued and cherished. And when they do receive (in-line or above expectation) they endeavour to go the extra mile.

Appreciation means to RECOGNIZE and ENJOY the qualities(good things) of someone or something. It doesn't insinuate a flawless person nor a perfect situation. It simply signifies VALUING, PRIZING, CHERISHING, TREASURING whoever or whatever God brings your way in this journey of life.

It is in a nutshell, always saying in your heart "Thank you, God, for this person and for that thing"

In my short journey of life, I realized true religion, true love, true friendship are all found in appreciation towards our Creator and all His works.

The root of all goodness is appreciation.

Appreciation given or received underscores most intentions and motivation.

A grateful heart [and mind] is a DISPENSER of VALUE. And can any man dole out what he has not? Certainly not!

Hence, anyone who doesn't cease to treasure/cherish the people in his life and what they do as well as the things in his life would always have treasures that never depreciate.

For this and many other reasons, choose to love, cherish, appreciate and be grateful.


Dr. Evans Duah

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