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Dr. Evans Duah initiates a mentoring programme to help shape 100 thinkers and doers of tomorrow

Updated: Sep 20, 2021

The DUAH Mentoring (TDM) Club 100 Programme

Everything we know, we learnt, and for many young adults, there are not many role models for the diverse career paths and entrepreneurial opportunities within this modern era. That is why, Dr. Evans Duah with Xtart Biz - a consortium of business and finance experts with the aim of nurturing individuals and companies towards new heights - has initiated the DUAH Mentoring Program. Stellar coach, Lecturer and CEO/Chief Consultant of Xtart Biz, Dr. Duah will be at the helm of affairs as issues of leadership, purpose, careers, entrepreneurship, wealth, and life in general will be tackled.

TDM Club 100 is essentially a virtual tete-a-tete between Dr. Duah with other mentors and the mentees, where real and relevant life and business lessons are taught and turned into pragmatic directions and systems cultivated through real-life tasks and achievements – which are a major part of the mentorship coursework. This is why the meetings will happen monthly. It is a an ‘experience heavy’ programme to nurture the next generation thinkers and doers.

Being a personal passion of the CEO of Xtart Biz, the application form was opened to the general public via his social media handles – The DUAH. The invitation was welcomed with an overwhelming number of applications within a few hours. The invitation had to be closed after 24 hours, but due to increasing demands the portal was reopened for another 72 hours.

This new space promises to be a bustling hub of innovation and business fortitude according to the demographic of the mentees. Undergraduates formed 53%, Masters students – 24%, Doctorate/Post-Doctorate – 12%, and the remaining 11% had different forms of education. The applicants are also scattered across these countries; Armenia, Canada, Czech Republic, France, Ghana, Italy, Ivory Coast, Morocco, Spain, and Zambia. We wait to see what projects Dr. Duah with his fellow consultants will train and inspire their mentees to undertake, and which ones will blossom into new, prosperous, and diverse storylines in the landscape of industry, economics, art, leadership, and personal development.

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