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Booked for the Impact!Africa Summit by British Council, Ashoka and Other Partners

Workshop Plenary: Networking and Communications

Dr. Evans Duah is once again honoured to share his expertise and experiences to the Africanizer Initiative as a panelist at the “Change Makers for Good”, Impact! Social Entrepreneurship Summit on 30th September, 2021. The summit is aimed at building the field of systems change in Africa to accelerate, scale up and Africanize COVID-19 solutions and stories to the continent’s most pressing challenges by inspiring and connecting social entrepreneurs, change makers, investors, and other ecosystem stakeholders.

Sub-Saharan Africa boasts of a rich and diverse culture with multiple languages and how one communicates and networks can be the difference between a success and failure in this region. He continued to indicate that the ability to communicate and network is a skill developed over time and used to both advance development and build future leaders.

That is, when combined with good communication, networking, and other soft skills, entrepreneurs can gain a fundamental understanding of global and community problems to better design their solutions.

Dr. Evans Duah, together with the other panelists will focus their discussions on Networking and Communication which will be limited to these topics: keys to successfully network and communicate; how can networking within one’s industry increase success; and networking for ecosystem development. The summit will be hosting entrepreneurs from all industries across Africa. To wit, participants will be handed with practical solutions to tapping into the opportunities in the continent through networking and communication.

You can register for the summit with the link below

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