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An Advice to you, my dear young one

"Love conquers all Don’t pay evil for evil Don’t have room for envy Don’t treat people as bad as they treat you Treat them as good as you are"

Wish people well and rejoice for their successes

However, being good does not mean you should not be principled.

When some people play to lose you, let them win! Don’t ignore the signs you may have asked God to show you! It is foolishness for David to remain in the house of Saul when the latter had shown malicious intentions that can cost him even his life.

When God has His hands on you, He will handle the people who set their devices against you. You may go through some situations that may have broken your heart - but it surely opened your eyes. Take that win!

Don’t lose yourself by the negativity of the world - rather gain yourself by the positivity of your potential, those who believe in you and your God!

So young one, don’t stop being good.

Don’t get recruited into hating other people’s haters! Don’t waste your time on the so-called haters. Enjoy the moments with those who love you and believe in you.

And when people try to hurt you by always bringing up your past, remember it is like someone trying to rob you in your old house: you don’t live there anymore. It is no more your stuff!

In conclusion, this is maturity:

- Love and do your best to help others the best way you can

- But be principled and wise in your love. Don’t get blinded and unnecessarily soft

- Be firm; yet agreeable

- The world is full of critics, be a person of encouragement.

Above all, talk to others and about others the way you would love them to talk to you. Treat people right!

You can use the T.H.I.N.K. Approach

T- Is it True?

H- Is it Helpful?

I- Is it Inspiring?

N- Is it Necessary?

K- Is it Kind?


Dr. Evans DUAH

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